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Wonder Polls: Question/Answers

开发 XLabz Technologies Pvt Ltd

"You NEED this app!" - Random Guy. With over 1 MILLION downloads, Wonder Polls has lots of users and fresh content. Answer thousands of entertaining polls and Would You Rather type questions. Ask your own polls, then share them to get your friends anonymous answers. Create local polls that only those in your area can answer. Try to guess the #1 answer in the new game mode section. I could take more of your time explaining it, but you should really just download the app!****************************WHY USE WONDER POLLS?***************************** CREATE: Ask any question you want and get real answers.
* LOCAL: Create polls that only those in your area can answer.* SHARE: Make questions just for your friends or share our featured and public polls.* GET ANSWERS: See instant results from your polls and polls you answer.* COMMENT: Chat with people about any poll in the comments section.* LAUGH: Enjoy answering some of the craziest questions ever asked.* AND MUCH MORE: Creating, answering, and commenting on polls is just the beginning for Wonder Polls. Get ready for some exciting updates coming soon!
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